Bill Pyke - 30+ years experience in wood finishing

Where fine finishing is an art that brings out the best!

refinished hutch - beautiful
refinishing tools

Robin Pyke photo

Bill Pyke finishing brings versatility to the project and the piece. Although he uses today's materials which better withstand the rigours of life, he can still deliver a traditional, classical look.

"Varnish looks nice," he says, "but doesn't wear well."

Photo, left: Bill was called on for his refinishing-rescue of the hutch, after sunlight damaged the original finish.

refinishing church furnishings

This refinishing project was for the Methodist furniture that came to the United Church on amalgmation.

rescued filing cabinets Bill Pyke custom cabinetry Bill Pyke custom cabinet
From left, this set of office filing cabinets were industrial grey-green - until Bill re-finished them a cheery yellow; after building this set of cabinets, he finished them blue to match an existing dining room set; detail from a birch entertainment centre.
Bill Pyke custom cabinet Bill Pyke floor Bill Pyke cabinetry
Here's detailed side views of Bill's blue cabinetry; office flooring includes the original, as well as an invisible addition of new flooring perfectly matched to the 75 year old hardwood.