Beautiful hand-crafted furniture by Bill Pyke

Fine woodworking Nova Scotia

custom dining room table

This custom, handcrafted dining room table by Bill Pyke comfortably seats eight.

handmade dining table hand crafted dining table

Bill Pyke used mahogany veneer for the reception desk at a hiropractic in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, as shown below. "The trick," recalls Dr. Laurel Cowie, "was to bend it without cracking. He has an excellent understanding of finishing - I was assured it would be beautiful and it would stand up - it is, and it does."

For more on the topic, click Bill's finishing. The desk was one part of a six-month re-design and renovation project that's featured on our from the ground up page.

Bill Pyke wrap around desk Bill Pyke furniture
The second photo features a mahogany table for the sanctuary commissioned by Bridgewater United Church.
Bill Pyke wrap around desk custom office furniture nova scotia
From left, photos at the Halifax Chiropractic Clinic place Bill Pyke's craftsmanship front and centre - the exterior and interior shots are of the reception area's desk.
Bill Pyke custom furniture Bill Pyke table Bill Pyke table custom entertainment center
Clockwise from left top, a stained birch entertainment centre; another custom hardwood entertainment center; Bill Pyke renewed this table, adapting it to handle two new leaves he built. The addition extended it to nine feet, comfortably seating 14 - perfect for a gathering of friends and family. The top is built out of ash, the skirts are maple and the legs are birch. When Bill was finished, it was all one beautiful shade. And lastly, Bridgewater United Church commissioned him to build this lectern.