Bridgewater cabinetry - custom built with beauty & functionality

Fine woodworking Nova Scotia

Bill Pyke woodworking bench

A Bill Pyke kitchen can't be bought from a supply store. It's designed and built with the goal of beauty and functionality.

A lifelong woodworker, Bill is enthusiastic about the vitality and strengths of wood. "Yellow poplar," he notes, "is stable and very paintable. Pine has a warm look. Birch is very durable and easily finished. Oak supplies a traditional look."

entertainment cabinet with motorized bookcases entertainment unit with motorized bookcases

This ash stained and lacquered entertainment unit houses motorized bookcases!

It's 16' wide and 8' high - plenty big to house a big, bigscreen television and a complete stereo system with surround sound.

It was installed early spring 2012 and has operated without a hitch since then. See a YouTube video of the motorized cabinets!

Bill Pyke custom kitchen Bill Pyke cabinet Bill Pyke custom hearth
Mike and Pauline Burke called on Bill Pyke for a kitchen, hearth, bathrooms, pantry, laundry room and stairs. From left, the kitchen, a purpose cabinet designed for ease-of-use by Pauline who is shorter than most women, and the hearth. Mike says "Bill did all the good-looking work."
Bill Pyke stairway Bill Pyke wine rack
From left, a 14-foot long pine kitchen island with slate countertop and wine rack as well as a second sink and range top.
cabinet with glass door Bill Pyke stairway
From left, in front of the island is a lovely display cabinet, conveniently located near the dining room table. The second photo is taken from the living area. The kitchen is home to two wall ovens.
Bill Pyke custom kitchen Bill Pyke kitchen cabinets Bill Pyke custom cabinetry
From left, this Halifax kitchen presented quite the challenge. At 10 x 12 feet, it had four doorways and an archway. Bill's design delivers a compact kitchen with wall oven and island with range top and dishwasher. The last photo features an interesting project in Bridgewater. When the kitchen dishwasher was moved next to the sink, Bill took the space and built the drawer bank, desk and over cabinet. It matches the original cabinet so well that the addition is seamless.