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Bill Pyke designs kitchen

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Builder Bill Pyke transformed a dowdy Bridgewater building front-to-back and top-to-bottom. He attributes the success of the six-month project to the collaborative efforts of a team of tradesmen.

The main challenge was in three areas, he says.

One: Return the building to its age, (75 years) yet keep it within its style, upgrading and enhancing the look and serviceability while bringing back its charm.

Two: Change the layout of the interior proper, creating access to the front and back of the building and to all the rooms.

Three: Make the basement dry. It's gone from very wet to "I can't stress how dry," says Bill with satisfaction.

"The original floor plan was done by Brent Hubley of Hubley Homes "He only did two plans for us - the original and modifications." Bill also credits the work of carpenters Roger Bollivar, Kevin Bollivar, Richard Slauenwhite and Jeff Wentzell. Wiring was done by Dayspring Electric. As for Maughans' Construction, "Vernon Maughan was instrumental in making that parking lot work."

The Bridgewater building is now home to three chiropractors, two massage therapists, an occupational therapist specializing in trauma, as well as supporting staff of one full timer and two part timers.

Bill Pyke total reno Bill Pyke total reno Bill Pyke total reno
This 75-year-old building underwent a transformation, front-to-back, top-to-bottom, with Nova Scotia builder Bill Pyke. The project included the addition of this welcoming reception area looking out at a gathering of large oak trees.

Bill Pyke total reno Bill Pyke office reno
The entrance into the reception features a custom Bill Pyke door and windows. The solid look of the building is taken right around to the back. Inside, the offices are cheery, welcoming and relaxing.

Bill Pyke custom desk Bill Pyke wrap-around desk
This smooth-flowing desk gives staff privacy and support with a collection of purpose storage compartments.

Before Bill Pyke Renos

before Bill Pyke renos before Bill Pyke renos during Bill Pyke renos during Bill Pyke renos before Bill Pyke renos
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